Thursday, 13 October 2011


I am sometimes forced to the conclusion that the average intelligence in this country is well below average! Went to have another blood test at the still pretty new, purpose-built, University College Hospital – or is it the University Cottage Hospital? – where the designated waiting area for patients who have come for a blood test is far too small for the number of patients dropping in, and there are far too few chairs for patients to sit on. The woman patient sitting waiting at the entrance to the treatment room had to keep her feet tucked under her chair so as not to impede the circulation of patients and staff in and out, between the waiting space and the treatment room. And patients crowd the entrance and the passage to Outpatients, and have to be regularly ushered away to sit in another space some way along the passage, which means that staff have to go and fetch them when their number is up. Now this has been going on, and has been known about, ever since the hospital was built. I’ve known about it from the start. In fact I wrote in about it. Never got an answer. And of course nothing was done about it.

Since I had my last blood test at the UCH they have removed the rounded reception counter on the opposite side of the passage, whereas they could, and should, have removed the rounded reception counter on the side of the blood test clinic. They could then have easily put 20 more chairs for 20 more sitting waiting patients in the vacated space. Why don’t they use their brains? I find it agony to observe these mistakes, these blunders that are not corrected, and then these missed opportunities, these decisions in the hands of people without invention, without nous, gumption, savvy, common sense. And this is the great hospital that looks after the various parts of my old body – bar the feeble physiotherapy for my hip – so superlatively...


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