Sunday, 28 August 2011


From a letter to my friends, the Rooneys

28 August 2011…

“My blog may interest... I havent put down how I detest the government of this island country, for its warmongering – Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya ( wish it had done something about Hitler in 1930 bloody three!!! ) and for its gross social injustice, which it is intensifying daily. In my anger I can well understand the 2000 + rioters, though fire and shooting are well outside my permitted range of action... But to give a young fellow 4 months for twittering about rioting is just vindictive. And how come the politicians are allowed to influence the independent legal process??? Instructing judges and magistrates to make examples of the rioters? So, does justice include ‘making an example’ of somebody???

The government is starting a national investment fund to fight poverty, to save the taxpayer money. But surely it’s ‘the taxpayer’ who is responsible for causing the poverty in the first place! ( together with the government, which is responsible for the inequitable way it budgets! ) He hasnt paid in enough for the goodies to go round. And he hasnt paid enough to pay for the government’s irresponsible extravagance, e.g. a dozen new army military helicopters which it has just ordered, WHICH COST THE EARTH, needed for the government's world-wide ranging warmongering. So the government borrows wildly. Hence the financial debt crisis, turned into a national disaster by the government's far too violent panic cuts .

Oh, this small island moored off the Northern shores of the European continent! Would it dropped its megalomania. (Memories of Empire?) Would it left the top table... Would it had more conscience, more concern, greater compassion for, and a greater understanding of, the poor, the young, the disadvantaged...

Must blog this!!!”


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